July 5, 2022

The Learning Theory One

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Helen Bailey is an award winning Interim L&D specialist and has worked in L&D for over 20 years across a variety of sectors including education, healthcare, retail and transport. She is passionate about Mental Health, Leadership Development and Evidence Based L&D and has delivered talks on the latter for CIPD local branches. 

Rachel Burnham is Director and Consultant for Burnham L&D.  She has worked in L&D and OD for about 30 years and is still learning about learning and people. She specialises using visuals to help people work, think and learn more effectively and is an avid Sketchnoter. She has worked across the private, public and voluntary sectors and currently is the Chair of CIPD Manchester.  

She can be found on Twitter @BurnhamLandD and you can read her blogs at L&D Matters. 

Show Links


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Are learning theories even relevant any more?

Principles of Accelerated Learning

Learning Theories

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